The Importance Of A Proper Bike Fit

It's Not About The Bike.

It's About The Bike Fit.


A proper bike fit is essential to achieving optimal comfort and performance on a rider’s existing bike or when planning for a new bike. Bike fits are not just for athletes. Everyone will benefit from a professional bike fit. All cyclists regardless of experience or ability can improve their cycling biomechanics by having a professional bike fit by Precision Velo.   Comfort and efficiency on the bike become reality by taking into consideration the rider’s body strength, flexibility, riding habits, and cycling goals.


Position on a bike should always focus on fitting the bike to the rider’s body.


Many riders try to emulate the riding position of pro riders or position themselves according to advice from friends and fellow riders. This can lead to rider discomfort and even injuries. Every rider is different and this is taken into account during the bike fit. The rider’s physiology, biomechanics, health history, fitness level, and cycling goals are evaluated to provide the bike fit that is right for them.

As well as being a very individualized process the bike fit is also a collaborative process.  Many riders come to a bike fit expecting to be told at a glance the “correct” bike positioning. A bike fit is not a cookie cutter process. Any bike fitter who does this is doing the rider a disservice. A proper bike fit session involves much interaction and communication between the rider and the bike fitter to determine the optimal bike coordinates for the individual.

Dynamic Bike Fit

Precision Velo Denver's premier Retul Bike Fitter

Traditional bike fitting methods provide only a static view of a motionless rider. When a cyclist is riding they are constantly moving on the bike. Measurements and therefore related adjustments made on a motionless rider will vary drastically from those of a rider in motion. Precision Velo uses advanced Retul 3D motion capture hardware, software, and video analysis to record the rider's positions in motion under a realist load and in real-time. Front and side views of the rider are viewed simultaneously in three dimensions in order to see how all applicable movements of the body are working together. This provides the most realistic picture of the rider's actual pedal strokes and body positions when out on the road and trails. The Retul 3D motion capture system combined with the SICI advanced fitter knowledge provides the rider with a thorough and accurate fit program.

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