Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get a bike fit?

  • Riders who are experiencing pain or discomfort on a bike or who are recovering from a related injury are perfect candidates for a bike fit.
  • Riders who are new to cycling and are seeking a non-impact form of exercise for health reasons will also benefit from a bike fit.  A proper bike fit will help ensure that you enjoy and continue to cycle.
  • Riders purchasing a new bike will greatly benefit from performing a bike fit to determine the correct bike size and to ensure the proper positioning of their bike's contact points (handlebars, controls, saddle and pedal cleats).
  • Riders upgrading components on their bike which will change their riding position will benefit from a bike fit.
  • Riders seeking to optimize their riding positions will notice gains from a bike fit.

How often should I have a bike fit?


A bike fit can be compared to maintaining a car.  Just as a car needs scheduled tune-ups on a regular basis a rider needs to maintain scheduled bike fits to ensure optimal interaction between the rider and bike. As riders age their physical health, flexibility, and strength will change.  This will impact how they interact with their bike.  A professional bike fit is recommended every 3 to 5 years to compensate for these changes.